Music Producer / Mixing Engineer / D.J.

Al Watkins has nearly 30 years knowledge and experience on both sides of the glass. This includes being a Musician, Composer, Producer, Tracking/Mixing/Mastering Engineer, and Tour Manager. A lover of Music, Audio, and Tech!

Over 30 years ago, I started as a classically trained pianist, then delved early into contemporary keyboard styles that led into playing in bands, becoming a D.J., sequencing, programming, engineering, production and everything electronics in the 90’s. During that time, I began to focus on the relationship between the art of music (Lyric, Melody, and Music), the recording/performing artist, and the recordings that people loved and admired. Over these many years, I’ve worked with many recording and performing artists and always work to earn the privilege to be trusted with their art and business. My work has been on Billboard charts, sold around the world in physical and digital form, playing on rotation on Terrestrial, Satellite, and Internet Radio, and in TV shows and film. I am Music-oriented, attentive to detail, and have a love and passion for music, audio, and tech… Your project is right at home with me!

Al is a member of the Boston section of the Audio Engineering Society, a voting member of The Recording Academy (GRAMMYs), the Berklee College of Music Alumni Chapter (Boston), and ASCAP as a writer/publisher.